Baby Zaira!

Baby Zale!


We are so happy to introduce our first spring babies (actually the first babies ever to be born on our farm)! Our miniature lamancha Zubda gave birth yesterday to one doeling (Zaira, all white) and one buckling (Zale, black with white spots).  They are absolutely adorable, as is quite obvious from the photos.  My son and I went out to do our usual morning chores and while I was in the milking “parlor” (I’ll post pics and description of that in a later post), my son went out to bring the goats water.  When he came back inside he had a shocked expression on his face as if he’d seen something terrifying (he’s seven).  He said, “mom, there are these two little babies drinking from Zubda!!!”  I too was in a state of shock as we weren’t expecting her to kid this soon.  We also have a Nigerian Dwarf goat who, although is one year old, still tries to take a swig from every udder in sight.  So, maybe he was talking about her?  I took a peek out of the window and what a wonderful surprise…two beautiful little babies trailing behind mama!

I immediately went screaming up the steps waking the whole house…I couldn’t help myself.  I have a twelve year old daughter who wouldn’t want to miss their first moments for the world, so I didn’t feel so bad about waking her from her slumber.  I called my husband with the news screaming in his ear until he told me he couldn’t understand a word I was saying (like I said, I couldn’t help myself…really).  Finally I came to my senses and went out to do what I could for the new mama and her babies.  I got her some molasses water, some grain, separated her from the rest of the herd and continued to let her clean  and cuddle her babies.  When my husband came home he handled the rest. By then I was overwhelmed by worry, excitement, exhaustion and a lot of other emotions.  I too am expecting (one of our Nigerians and I have the same due date….go figure) and watching this mama goat with her kids gave me a genuinely warm feeling that I wasn’t quite expecting.  It always amazed me how God has put in mothers of all species something that cannot be replicated, broken, or fully understood unless experiencing it oneself.  I am happy my family could share this experience together.  I am happy to be a mom.  I am happy that we are blessed with the ability to see the beauty in life’s simplicities.  I am looking forward to the births of many more kids here (both human and animal). We seem to be off to a great start, but I am learning slowly but surely to expect the unexpected when living on a farm!



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