The Goat Herd


Zale is the first ever goat kid to be born on our farm!! His dam is Zubda (Zelda) who is a mini-lamancha and his sire is a Nigerian dwarf buck. Zale’s eyes are blue and brown!!


Zaira is Zales blue-eyed twin sister. She was much weaker at birth but had a very strong personality. She is all white and we can’t wait to see her develop.




Wooly Dog Down Christmas Yves
Born:30th November 2008
Color: Champagne gold; blue eyes

Sire: TX Twincreeks WDF Texas 2 Step *S
Dam: Wooly Dog Down Nicole 4*D
Sire’s Sire: MCH Pecan Hollow Willy’sDanceFever *S
Sire’s Dam: MCH HBF LS Darlin Clementine *D
Dam’s Sire: Gay-Mor’s LT Blu Mickey Rooney +*S
Dam’s Dam: Gay-Mor’s Dandy Karnation 3*D



Buckhorn Run Adeline
Born:14th April 2010
Color: Light Brown with star and facial stripe

Sire: Enchanted Hills Toby
Dam: Wooly Dog Down Yellowrose of TX
Sire’s Sire: Little Tot’s Estate Joe-Pye
Sire’s Dam: Enchanted Hill Mermaid
Dam’s Sire: TX Twincreeks WDF Texas 2 Step *S
Dam’s Dam: Wooly Dog Down Nicole 4*D

Adeline’s Babies

photo 1Adelines doeling


Zee and babiesZee's Udder

White Rock Farm Zelda
Breed: Mini-Lamancha
Percentage: 50% lamancha, 50% Nigerian Dwarf
Date of Birth: 6/5/09
Description: cou blanc with elf ears

Sire: Enchanted Hill Butterscotch (AGS)
Dam: The Briar’s Nibbles’s Zira (ADGA)
Sire’s Sire: Enchanted Hill Ogden Nash (AGS)
Sire’s Dam: Hollyhock Farm Violet (AGS)
Dam’s Sire: Cherry Glen Radical Eivan (ADGA)
Dam’s Dam: Pinetree-Hill Coppers Nibbles (ADGA)




Our New Foundation Miniature Nubian Does (Thanks Kristen for letting us have them!!!)

Awee Farm Paisley AKA Paisley (Pallini meaning dotted)

Awee Farm Paisley AKA Paisley (Pallini meaning dotted)


-Sire’s Sire: Springs Run Talisin  XN00887

-Sire: Awee Acres Prince Charming  XN01314

-Sire’s Dam: The Awee Farm Cinderella Girl  GN1562545

-Awee Acres Paisley  XN01445

-Dam’s Sire:Moonlight Beau Sage  XN00737

  -Dam: Awee Acres Starry Starry Night  AMN00041

                                       -Dam’s Dam: Faithful Acres “Charity II”  AMN00038


Too Mini Acres Sienna 2*P

Too Mini Acres Sienna 2*PIMG_0068IMG_0120

-Sire’s Sire:
-Sire: Green Gables EHJ Cowboy     BN00054
-Sire’s Dam: 

-Too Mini Acres Seinna 2*P     AMN02551
-Dam’s Sire:
Dam: Too Mini Acres Jasmine *P     AMN02533
-Dam’s Dam: 


We are looking forward to seeing their milk production!